Creating Mesh brings problems

I created two closed solid polysurfaces (already with a lot of trouble because they won’t union using boolean union) but when I try to make a mesh out of it to make it ready for a 3D printer, Rhino creates a non-manifold and naked edges however there are non in the original geometry. Does someone know how to fix this? Thanks in regards!

It is very difficult to diagnose problems such as yours without a file with the relevant geometry.

You can upload a .3dm file with the polysurfaces and the mesh by clicking on the vertical arrow icon above where you type a post, or by dragging the file to where your type a post.

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Yes i forgot! Here it is, it is about the smaller mesh in the middle.Meshproblems.3dm (4.5 MB)

ShowEdges reports non-manifold edges in the mesh but I can’t see any which suggests they are small.

A possible cause is using too large a tolerance for the scale of the components. The absolute tolerance is set to 0.01 and some of the edges are less than 0.1 in length. It would be better to work with a tolerance of 0.001. Unfortunately tightening tolerances after creating geometry does not tighten up already created geometry. You can try tightening the tolerance and remeshing and see if that clears up the problems.

No, adjusting the tolerance unfortunately doens’t clear up my problem…

Your Brep has two duplicate faces and faces inside which should be cleaned

Okay thank you! I will try clearing those ones out.

The problems starts with your initial polysurfaces. There are other small surfaces and surface corners which are not coincident.

Here’s a cleaned brep which is closed…

no_problem.3dm (475.9 KB)

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The lesson here is GIGO… If your original objects are bad, the resulting meshes will also most likely be bad.



Thank you all so much! :slight_smile: