Creating lines perpendicular to points automatically


I was wondering if there was a way to create lines perpendicular to a set of points without having to create individual line components by defining start and end points. I am trying to create lines similar to the manner I have it drawn below (with each color representing a group of lines between points).

One way I can achieve this is by doing the following.

Which produces the following results.

However, the trick is that the number of bays (defined by the lettered gridlines) can change based upon user-input. So, if an additional bay is added, I would have to manually add additional outputs to my “explode tree” component and additional line components. This becomes very tedious especially if the user wishes to adjust the number of bays rapidly. Is there another way that I could streamline this process without having to manually create these line segments?

See attached for my script. Thank you!

01-SAP-Model-Steel (86.5 KB)

Looks like we can’t do much without these plugins:


Points on opposite sides of the building look like they should be copied (moved) instead of constructed twice? Way too much code for something that appears to be relatively simple.

P.S. I quickly got this much by grabbing your points to make two sets of lines:

01-SAP-Model-Steel (91.9 KB)

More idle doodling. The white pipes show the “lines perpendicular to points” that this thread is about. As you can see, it’s all parametric, meaning it changes when you move the ‘Number of X-Grids’ slider. Same for modifying the ‘Y-Grid Spacing (ft)’ text panel, since I didn’t touch any of that.

01-SAP-Model-Steel (99.8 KB)