Creating instant connected GH modules - where aplicable


I am a very happy user of Rhino and Grasshopper, and i have a small suggestion.

When drawing in Grasshopper, i see that there are some repetetive things i need to do to know about the output of some functions.
For example, the END POINTS function, means i always have to add points, to see where is the start and the end of curve.

A really easy fix would be, that when you create the END POINTS function, 2 points appear with it automatically (see picture).
It is much faster to dellete the modules that are not needed, than to create and attach them every single time again and again…
Maybe at least the START point could appear automatically and be already selected (green), so that i could see quickly how the curve is oriented…

Could you make this happen?

Also, this principle would also be great for the DISPATCH function, but that is probably harder for you to program, since its input can variate. Maybe when you attach the source into the DISPATCH module, it knows what to put out and creates 2 of those objecst on the output A and B side automatically?

Maybe there are more functions i dont know about, that could benefit from this principle…

Please let me know if you can make this.

Thank you and all the best regards

Hey !

I’d suggest you to try Elefront plugin.
It’s really helpful for plenty of other reasons, but it comes up with a neat function like this.

When you’ve selected any component, hit ctrl+Alt+right arrow (you’ll get used to it), and it will create a genereic data holder.
It also works if the outuput are already connected to something.

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