Creating holes on curved surfaces

I am creating a perforated panel, but there are always some stretched holes appear at the the edge (Figure below). It shouldn’t be there, I can’t figure out what’s wrong. I ve attached the GH file.

perforated (79.9 KB)


And yet… holed surfaces appear anyway? Curious.

The problem is that you split all four surfaces with all curves. Here is a quick fix.
Since your structre is totally symmetrical it would make sense to build only one piece and mirror it after, would save computational time.

perforated (76.2 KB)


Why curious? Looks like Karamba will be used only for analysis, the whole structure is build without it.

yes, Karamba is just for analysis, this is purely model construction stage

Good point. Thank you !

Hi -

Just note that people are generally happier to help you if you actually go through the trouble of posting a minimal definition that illustrates the problem that you are trying to solve. That involves internalizing referenced geometry but also deleting all components that are not necessary to show the issue.


Noted with thanks