Creating Hemisphere without any extraordinary point at the bottom

If you want it as an untrimmed surface, the only way you can do a whole hemisphere with a single patch is if you allow a lot of distortion at the corners:
singlepatchdome.3dm (137.7 KB)

Notice how the quad at the corner has a pair of almost collinear edges.
This is also not perfectly spherical, and I’m not sure it could be.


Yes, it is very helpful.

Thank you so much.

Thanks a log @DanielPiker for this.

I understand with a single patch we can only construct the approximate form of the hemisphere. But, I am exactly looking for this. The distortion at the corners is fine with me.

Could you please describe the construction procedure…

Hemisphere BVR re.3dm (920.4 KB)


I actually made this by applying the constraints with Kangaroo in Grasshopper: (16.3 KB)
I’m sure there are would be other ways to achieve the same thing though.

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My process is from Gh to Rhino. (you can use this for a complete sphere).

hemisphere (15.1 KB)