Creating groove in mesh

First of all I am newbie. I am trying to create a shut line on car model. So I need to do a groove in mesh. I know that in Rhino 5 there is ApplyShutLining command but it affects only rendering. I need it for 3D printing so I cannot use this one.
Here is what I was trying to do:

  1. Create closed polyline on flat surface.
  2. Project it on mesh to get 3D polyline.
  3. Then I have done some corrections of polyline.
  4. Sweep circle along polyline
  5. Boolean difference (mesh - sweeped polysurface) which is not working.
    I was trying to convert polysurface to mesh, cut it in parts, different types of boolean operations.
    Depending on how I am trying to do this I get: cut in mesh, untouched mesh or only small part of mesh with groove.
    I was also trying to cut this polysurface in half by mesh (to get half of circle in cross section) but I don’t how to achieve this. This way I could attach it to cut in mesh.

I do not see a way to attach file here so here is a link to file with mesh:!71BixA5A!mel_DDubvucZht1jOwQhdVmXD3OQ4BIJ90p6zaxijS8

Are you able to use ApplyShutLining on your mesh?
If so, you can then use ExtractRenderMesh

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For future reference to attach a file on the forums just drag and drop into the window you are typing your questions into. It will upload it, unless it’s beyond the file limit of course.