Creating grid touching points using lunchbox

I have points distributed on a surface with a consistent 8-meter spacing between them. The dimensions of the surface are also multiples of 8. I attempted to use lunchbox to generate a grid aligning with all the points on the surface. However, I encountered an issue where only every other point aligns perfectly with the grid. I’m looking for a solution that allows for perfect alignment of the grid with all the points on the surface, preferably with a slider that enables grid densification as needed, ensuring it works seamlessly throughout the process. Any suggestions on achieving this? the points in green are the connections i want, and the ones circled in red are the ones i don’t want.


grid corresponding to (9.7 KB)

hmm…gh (55.6 KB)
Feeling guilty for using this many clusters


Here’s another fun way:

grid correspoinding to (20.0 KB)

(no lunchbox, but you can get mesh face boundaries to get your diamond panels)


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