Creating floating viewport or 3d window inside another viewport

probably the thing I am asking for doesn’t exist and if so it can be considered a wish, I am trying to find inf a way to create a live dynamic port within the 3d port I have, I am aware of the floating viewport and the layout system nut as sketched in the picture down, I’d like to have some 3d portals to other viewports with live update from the 3d model,make 2d from grasshopper is a still a bit messy and needs recomputing after every change .
any thoughts on this topic ?
thanks in advance

It sounds like you are mostly interested in seeing 2D geometry in those “other viewports”.
Have you tried SectionTools?

thanks for quick reply, but I don’t think I understand how can section tools be useful here, I am looking for a live layout replacement in the perspective view , so there 4 rectangles must show alive link to the layout in their own visual style and scale .
if there is an example or tutorial for this specific feature in section tools it will be really great, I tried with with no success
thanks in advance