Creating fins


So I want to add exterior fins to my model surface and I use the contour lines to create the curves first. Then I can use the fin tool. But I want these fins to have a thickness so what is the best way to do this so that the fins align with the curved surface they are located on? extrude command? Ideally I would like to create contours which have double lines so that I can then use the fin command from that but not sure how to do that.

Hi Chris - if the lines amount to planar sections of the shape, then I t think I’d

  1. Offset the shape by the fin size.
  2. Make a solid, a very low box, essentially, that is as tall as the fins are to be thick. Copy or Array a copy of this to each fin level.
  3. BooleanDifference the inner and outer shapes from these boxes. (663.0 KB)