Creating Fibrous form with attractor points to create density


(Rogers J Matty) #1

Hi guys,

I am looking to create something like the attached image. does anyone know if this is possible in grasshopper? I know this image was made in python but I feel that may be beyond me!

I want to be able to control density of the fibres with attractor points.

Thanks in advance!

(Jack Young) #2

(Jack Young) #3

Alternatively populate 3D and push and pull with attractors with specific domains to get the starting points, then a mix of shortest walk or proximity 3D for the starting lines, edge bundling (try Frei Otto, wooly paths) and a lot of stuff from the transform tab, maybe download jackalope. Or try field lines, might be fun!

(Rogers J Matty) #4

This Culebra looks amazing thank you! Are there any example scripts anywhere? Lets hope it does the trick :slight_smile: Thanks a lot

(Michael Pryor) #5

Also look at these:

and there are a few others there in food4rhino.

(Rogers J Matty) #6

awesome, thanks a lot Mike!

(Tim Stark) #7

With the download you get example files and there’s also a quick tutorial video


Have a look at nursery . Gwyll (author of nursery) taught with francois for several of these studios, And nursery is his grasshopper toolset for making stuff like this. I would assume this was actually done with Processing and Toxiclibs:

(Rogers J Matty) #9

Awesome, thanks a lot! That is really helpful