Creating Faceted Blobs

This is really ugly but I created it to demonstrate what I’m trying to achieve. I’m trying to make faceted blobs, in this instance I started with a polyhedron, then mapped every surface through PolyLine points, which is annoying, especially since I’d like to do this with a lot of very complex polyhedrons.

Once that’s set up, I can drag the single points of the solid (as opposed to selecting control point clusters on curves) to deform on the polyhedron. That’s cool but I have two questions.

How do I duplicate that? Is there a better way to create that manual link? It requires all of the points in order, plus the starting/ending point, to create a polygonal surface. I couldn’t find any info on getting points from a surface, assuming they were even ordered correctly.

Second, how could I do this all in grasshopper? I’d like to randomize XYZ movement for each point, within constraints to create random shapes.

Why not just use Deconstruct Brep on the polyhedron, and then use Point Deform on the control points of each face?

The tricky part would be getting each face’s individual control points, which will all be in separate tree branches, grouped with duplicate points in adjacent faces, so you can move all the overlapping control points on the same vector. That’s a data tree headache I don’t want to attempt myself, but I’d be both impressed and grateful if someone else did it.

Also, you won’t get planar faces out of this, but maybe that’s the plan?

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Thanks, I’ll try that method. I wish I could get planar faces as well but that’s a step too complicated for me.

Give this video a try:

And this plug-in:

Both may give you ideas on getting planar faces.