Creating Example Plugin: Set As Startup Project does not appear

While following through the write your first Mac plugin tutorial I got stuck at step 9. It is not possible to set my solution as startup project.
Also, right click -> options -> Run -> Startup Project gives an empty dropdown stating “The solution does not contain any executable project!”.

However, bundling the build and installing it manually and then restarting Rhino as described in the plugin installation tutorial works, but is slow as it requires a restart of Rhino and does not allow for attaching a debugger.

How can I deploy the plugin to Rhino with Xamarin Studio?

My system:
Xamarin Studio Mac v. 6.0.1 (build 8)
Rhinoceros 5.1
OS X 10.11.5

Hi @jups23

I suspect this is related to the same issue you reported yesterday. The RhinoCommon Xamarin Studio AddIn contains our soft-debugger which allows you to launch a debugging session in Rhinoceros (or the RhinoWIP, if you have that installed). I’ll take a closer look, but I think this will be broken until Xamarin releases a fix for this in 6.0.2.

What I am going to do to test this is roll-back to 6.0 and test it. You can roll-back too if you like. You can get older versions from the Xamarin Downloads Page (Subscription only).

I’ll give this a try and make sure,

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Thank you very much. I managed to downgrade and it is working for me now.