Creating ElementAssemblys




Does anyone have experience with creating IfcElementAssembly type objects? I see that there are nodes for this in GeometryGym, but I have not figured out a single way to wiring them together to produced an output.



Hi Taavi,

Thanks for posting. Here’s a simple sample model of assigning elements to an assembly. You might have had problems as I identified a bug when checking this, so please update to the latest ggRhinoIfc plugin from the downloads page at

140928 element assembly (14.0 KB)

Let me know if you have questions or suggestions arising from this. We are considering how to distribute the sample scripts like this in a more convenient way.





Thanks, that explained how it works. I somehow was under the impression that you have to connect all the elements that you want in the assembly to the ElementAssembly node, but it works the other way.

Yes, it would be really useful to have a samples library of how the nodes work. At the moment one has to deduce what’s what and how things work. Sometimes (like this case) that doesn’t work out.