Creating dynamic blocks

I know this topic has been disucssed broadly in the past, yet I thought I might investigate what it would take to create dynamic blocks in Rhino myself (maybe this is way beyond my skills, but you never know).

So the first question then would be:
How would I attach the arrows to the block and “link” them to a stretching action first of all. From there a million other problems will pop up, but I’d really really try to wrap my head aroud that. Even if the result is a stretchable block in the first place I think it would be a pretty acceptable result. From there I could move on.


I’m working with blocks a lot (as a dev) and to be honest after reading this I’m having an epic headache already :sweat_smile: However, I can try to help, but I think you should show some examples of what is the original thing and what you’re trying to achieve. As I’m not sure about final result I will just guess but so far best “dynamic” blocks I saw was made by Asuni in Lands/VisualARQ, but you must know there’s a lot of work to get something basic in this matter and most probably you will end with a custom object based on block or rather phantom type.