Creating Custom Toolbar Buttons


I’m trying to create a custom button in the toolbar, but when I try to import a bitmap image into the button editor rhino takes me to an empty folder in this folder path:


Should there be bitmaps stored in here that I can import? If not, where are they stored?

You can navigate to any folder on your computer from there - it’s not necessary to have the bitmaps stored there. The bitmaps are saved in the toolbar file. Beware, all that is changing for V8, the icons will be vector, not bitmap. TBH, I haven’t even looked at what the new button editor is supposed to do.

@Helvetosaur I’m trying to load a pre-existing rhino bitmap into a new tool I am creating. How do I get the pre-existing icon into the new tool?

Well, two ways to do this I know:

  1. Copy the original button to a new place (it will bring its bitmaps with) and then blank out all the various settings in the copied button - macro, tooltip text, etc. Then replace them with your own macro/tooltip, etc. That normally works, I do it often.

  2. Export the bitmap from the original to your desktop or elsewhere, then import the same into your new button. You might want to do this with all 3 bitmap size variants (16, 24, 32 px)

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@Helvetosaur Perfect, thank you.