Creating colour from number of index and path

I need to create colours from path and index number…

I want to create one colour by path, then depending the number of index, move the saturation from 1 to 0.

basically, path one could be red, if I have 3 items in this path the first is red, the second is pink, the last one is white.
the number of path and index can move from one project to the other, so I need it to be automatically creating colours.
I can see some tool how will probably be able to do it, such as colour Wheel, or colour HSL, but I absolutly don’t know how to feed them…

many thanks !

Gradiant is the more simple

You input color wheel a number of colors.
Color wheel is random so some sorting is necessary. If color is transformed to a point the point lies in a box [-1 to 1, -1 to 1, -1 to 1,]

Put saturation range to a null range.

And use Monchromatic

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Adding the tree structure requirements leads to this : (12.8 KB)

So fast Guys ! (and girls maybe) thank you so much… it’s more then help!

Similar to the ColorJ and ColorB components in this post: