Creating Brace with Rhino inside Revit


Was hoping to create bracing from grasshopper with Rhino inside Revit. The create beam node only seem to create structural framing with structural type=beam. Any way to change this to a structural type=brace?


Welcome to the community @patrik1!

I added Bracing to the list of new components that we need to create:

Awesome, thanks!

Hi! I don’t know if I should post this in Github rather than here, but I would strongly advise to expose structural type as a parameter in an “Add Framing” component (as you mention at the end of the issue) instead of adding components for different types. I think it better reflects Revit’s way of thinking and also helps avoiding cluttering in RiR components for Grasshopper.

Just my two cents. As always, thanks for the hard work.

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