Creating block make object Hollow

here is a weird one. Have Polysurface as Solid Using Clipping plane it properly Shows as a Solid and Rhino cap the Surfaces.
Make an Object of this Polysurface, now the caps are disappearing…

Here is the Polysurface clipped showing as solid:

It is a solid as shown here:

Now Make a Block out of the part:

Part now looks Hollow…

Although it still believe it is a solid…

Is this a Normal Behavior???


Hi JMarc do you ever see the solid fill if you move the view around? At any rate I see more or less what you describe - it looks wrong to me, thanks for pointing this out.


Even weirder…
From the observation above decided to save the part as a simple Polysurface.
Looked Good… Until as saved it as a PDF… As the PDF process was in progress I could see the cap being removed on my screen and they were not printed.
But it is even more strange because, this seems to only happen if the surface is being shown on the screen or so it seems.
Print one: Only had the top half without cap which was what was displayed.
Did some edit in the file looked good. then Again as it printed the Caps were removed… But this time both top and bottom half.
Interesting to note that the cap disappeared both in the model and in the layout space. So the refresh process do erase those surfaces.

AS far as getting the Cap back ON:
Moving part : No
Switching Solid ON/OFF: No
Flipping Clipping plane: No
Turning Thickness OFF/ON: yes

Turn Off Clipping plane in Model Perspective view.
Print: All OK (Print 3)
Save as PDF: All OK (Print 4) ???
Turn Clipping plane back on Perspective Focus on perspective View> All OK
Set Focus on Layout page Print : All OK??
Cannot repeat???

20D210-0-001-0 Flange adapter(part).pdf (1.8 MB)
20D210-0-001-0 Flange adapter(part)print 3.pdf (912.3 KB)
20D210-0-001-0 Flange adapter(part)print 4.pdf (1.7 MB)