Creating Bimetallic Facade System with Grasshopper

I am wanting to create a bimetallic facade system for a project I am working on. I am a beginner at grasshopper so I am not sure how to create a working script in general, let alone a script that is responsive to solar radiation. The image attached is the shape/pattern I am trying to create. If anyone can help me out with creating a script, since I am not really sure where to begin, I would be greatly appreciative!


The thesis where that image came from seems like a good place to start:

Honestly, this is a very advanced and specific use of Grasshopper. Some people might have some additional hints for you but I doubt anyone is going to put in weeks of work to make this outright for you. If you’re completely new to Grasshopper, I would suggest following some primers, tutorials and completing simple projects before attacking something as complex as this.

Hi Ccorrao1

I created sample file.
Please checke atteched file.

Tanks (36.7 KB)