Creating an irregular mesh

I am trying to create a mesh for topological optimization and am running into trouble with my domain (mesh) not working.
The shape of the mesh that I’m trying to create is shown below:

This shape has different number sliders that determine the overall dimensions. The mesh that I’m getting isn’t working, I think because the meshes don’t really connect.

Maybe it would help If I could just create unique surfaces that form a single connected surface?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Check if this is useful for you. (13.5 KB)

I appreciate the help. Thanks! Unfortunately I tried this and got a warning about the mesh not being closed. Ideally I want to generate a mesh of this form with divisions of closely the same size. I’m having a tough time figuring this one out… but I’m new

hi Jared,

Maybe this helps- also possibly a good idea to mesh/remesh with mesh machine:
mesh_beam_quads.ghx (148.1 KB)

Thank you! The mesh looks really great for what I’m trying to do, but I’m getting an error message about there only being one boundary face (as shown below):

I have no idea why you said the final mesh is not closed. anyway check this as well. Rhino says it’s perfectly good and closed mesh. (13.0 KB)

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Yeah. I don’t either. It’s just what a plug-ins components error messge is reading. Thanks for the response!

You could try to use unweld component in order to have different region in mesh.

Thanks for all of the help. I just tried unwelding the mesh and the script is working!