Creating an awning style edge?

Hi all
I’m in the middle of making a band stand cover for a mobile band stand that goes to special motor racing events. The customer wants the edge of the skirt to be wavy like an awning and i’m a moron so struggling with it hehe.

I have been trying to array circles around the skirt edge and then trim but wondering what easier ways there are to do this ?

The skirt is around 250mm deep but could be 300mm if needed and I would like the wave to be evenly distributed, if I was doing this by hand I would make a plywood template with 2 or 3 waves to mark the fabric with

Post a file helps

Hello - you can set a cplane to the vertical edge and then draw a control point curve - Divide on the upper and lower lines will give you points to snap to.



Thank you @pascal, It seems I wasn’t a million miles away but your way is better than my effort :slight_smile:


oops spoke too soon,

it works great until you get to a corner and the curve tries to skip the corner

Top View

Hello - if you overshoot as I did with a couple of extra points at each end, you can then trim the curve and have it end on the verticals.

awningPG.3dm (52.2 KB)


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Phew that took some time I can tell you :slight_smile:

What I ended up doing is extending the construction lines past the corner on both sides, then made the Control point curve. both curves intersected almost exactly on the corners so I went around and trimmed the ends off…

Thanks for the tips @pascal , as always you Da Man !! :slight_smile: