Creating an "asterisk" shape from segments and a list of points

I’ve been trying to get an asterisk * shaped polyline (as in photo) by connecting segments and a list of points on an hexagon…any help?

[|attachment](upload://zGQhL (82.6 KB) (82.6 KB)

Try to use Weave. (76.4 KB)

thanks a lot!

Hello again, i’m having some troubles with aligning the edges (connected to the nodes) with the neighbor faces direction (as in photo)…
I tried to assign the mesh faces xy plane to the Pl(plane) input in “offset curve” but the pc crashed…
and tried to chamfer the corners with"pm truncate" but didn’t work properly.
can you help me in this one as well?(gh updated file attached)
Thank u (97.4 KB)