Creating amorphous mesh


im ring to create mesh that has an spiral/ amorphous q waved shape.
Im looking for tutorials that can help me understand how to Strat the shape.
attaching my sketch - I want to create something that looks like my sketch.
if anyone know how can I do this and help me it will be great!

Draw the curves, loft the curves.

Its not really helping, I want to do this in grasshopper…

I have smth like that in my script library, idk maybe this could be helpfull

frame on (22.4 KB)

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It’s not enough information i think. Attach what you have tried so far. What are the rules you are looking for?

I don’t really have any file because I don’t know how to Strat. I want to create a facade that looks like it made of winding fabric. I mean the facade will be winding shape with infusion parts…

hi, thank but unfortunately it doesn’t what im looking for…