Creating Aliases aka shortcuts


I would like to set up some keyboard shortcuts to change my views. I would like to hit just “one key” to change from top, front, side, and iso view. Looked at the Aliases in the prefs but it did not work.

This video shows what I am after but it did not work for me.


Try this thread. It should be helpful:

Not getting this concept of an Alias. I am looking at a current alias for Z. It has the command '_Zoom.

What exactly does that mean? When I type z, I just get z in the command line and nothing else. Where is the zoom?

Aliases in Rhino are keystrokes followed by and enter to execute them.
The apostrophe is used in the macro to tell Rhino to not cancel the current command; to run the display change command ‘transparently’. An exclamation mark in the macro will cancel any running command so your macro isn’t sent as a command line argument to any currently running command.
The underscrore before the command name tells Rhino tu run the English command even if Rhino is localized to a different language.

A single key stroke like a Function key is configured in the Keyboard options page. The command macro syntax is the same.


Z and Enter. Aliases need the Enter to run.


If you look on the Options - Keyboard page, you’ll find Ctrl+F1-F4 may already do what you’re looking for.