Creating a wrinkled surface

I need to create an anatomical model of a bladder. I created an ellissoid, and on the inside I need to create the ‘wrinkles’ that are present in the bladder. Is there a way to do that?
I thought about creating a mesh and applying it repeatedly on the surface. Is it possible ?
(I am new to Rhino)


hi there, you should not assume that this forum is jammed with rhino users who also happen to have a medical doctor degree, knowing right out of the box what exact surface you are aiming for. also the surface changes quite a bit depending at which magnification you might be looking at it. so please be so kind and provide detailed images for anybody to help. also providing information on what you will be using the result for will help you getting appropriate help.

Hi there, sorry if my post was missing info. I’ll add pictures of what the surface should look like.
Here the link to an image:
The surface inside shouldn’t be smoothed. This is the model I’ve created:
Modello_final.3dm (1.2 MB)

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Hi, with grasshopper you can do it this way
PerlinNoise (159.8 KB)