Creating a Wavy Array of Vertical Slats

Hello. I’m looking to replicate something similar to this wavy set of ribs in Rhino 7:

However, I’m not incredibly familiar with Grasshopper, so I’ve attempted to create this with 20 arrayed 1-foot thick, 5-foot wide solids which I then split (with a surface created via HeightField), extrude, and then Boolean Difference, but the result is messy and not ideal.


There are tons of ways to do this.
It depends on what you have to start with. If you have an outer surface or outer curves, you may want to work with intersections. If you only have a base curve, you could build the entire thing from some parameters, attractors, equations…

The start wouldn’t change : divide a curve in equal segments.
The end also wouldn’t change much, create a Loft and extrude it.

Here a fun example playing with Sin and Exp. (15.1 KB)

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