Creating a warehouse

Hello! I am a massive newbie, but can’t seem to find any recent resources online to help answer my question.

I want to create a simple slider that can automatically create a warehouse (just a simple box), I want to be able to use the following inputs. I’ve got sample inputs below but I want to be able to flex these.

Warehouse Ridge Height = 15m (this is the height at the peak of the gable roof)
Warehouse Slope to Eave = 2.5 degrees (so the slope from the eave to the ridge of the gable roof will always equal 2.5 degrees regardless of warehouse width
Warehouse Width = 50m (for example)
Warehouse Length = 100m (for example)

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you! <3

Something like this? (14.2 KB)


This is exactly what I was after!!!

Amazing :smiley:

Thank you!