Creating a trimming surface

This is exercise 67 in the Level 1 tutorials, “Creating a squeeze bottle”. I had no problem until I tried to create the trimming surface. I selected the three curves I created and used the “Loft” command. I unchecked “Closed loft” and clicked OK. My results as you can see are not what they should be. Why is my cutting surf

ace turned the wrong way?

Post your file.

Sorry, I’m not sure what you mean by “Post your file”. I thought posting the results I’ve achieved so far was what was needed. Would you please clarify what I need to do? Thank you!

From what I’ve gathered from others is, to post your file by dragging it into the window your writing your question in or use upload button. It is one of the 4 you are writing under its window. That way somone can actually open what you have done to see if they can help. Mark

Another way to make your .3dm file available for others to open is to upload it. When responding click on the symbol which looks like a thin line with an arrow point up above it and follow the instructions.

Hi James - what’s wrong way about it? What were you expecting?


The illustration in the tutorials is a 180 degrees different. Doesn’t that matter?

What I have done is right at the top of this topic. You just have to scroll up.

@James_Williams If you post a screen shot of the desired result from the tutorial that will give those trying to help you an idea of the result you are after without having to go read the tutorial after they find it.

If you post your working file then people can look at the curves that you used to create the loft and why they are not giving you the result you desire…

The curves you used to create the plane were probably not lined up properly. That is why @davidcockey wanted you to upload your file.

You can still use the plane just push it to the back of the model and then mirror it on the x axis to get the other side.

OK! I finally got the mirror command to work correctly. I’m now trying to remove the surface from the bottle. I changed to the Bottle Srf layer, and selected the Dir command from the analyze menu. I need to flip the normal’s but, I can’t figure out how to do it. When I use the Dir command, the arrows are pointing out

instead of toward the center of the bottle.

Flip option will change normals in the Dir command. The cutting surface normals should face the object you want to keep if you are using Boolean Difference. The normals will face outward for closed objects without any operator intervention.

You cannot change the direction of a closed object.
The tutorial asks you to check the direction of the green surfaces, not of the bottle.

Thanks! I kept doing it back ass ward.

Thank! I kept trying to change the direction on the bottle instead of the cutting surface.

No, that’s bass ackward… :smile:

Everything is fine now. Thanks!