Creating a tree trunk - polysurfaces showing split line... help

I created a log with branches splitting off in two directions. (see attached) I did this by creating one main branch using sweep2 and sweeping a circle. The second intersecting branch, I made same way. When I joined them, two strange lines remain in the joined intersection and one in the main branch. I was able to get ride of the one line by exploding the whole thing and then mergesrf the two pieces. However, this doesn’t work for the intersecting secondary branch…it warns “Edges are too far apart to merge.”

How do I remove these intersecting lines so it’s a clean shape? I tried googling, and searching this forum, but to no avail. branch.3dm (1.5 MB)

Thank you.

See attached.

The Shaded display mode shows surface edges and isocurves by default.
The Rendered display, by default, does not.

Thanks. I guess it just bothers me when I do prints from shaded view. Cheers