Creating a terrain

Good morning, how can i create a terrain like in the picture? i tried patch command i couldn’t get any closer to that.

Thank you.

Hi, what kind of input do u have for this terrain? Or u want just model it by hand?

I don’t have any input i just want to create it a random terrain like in cinema 4D
thank you

create surface -> apply displacement -> create noise texture -> tweek to taste -> play with custom render mesh settings

But… have in mind that Rhino isn’t DCC oriented program so achieving nice results with such things need much more fiddling.

i guess vector displacement is what you are aiming for, i believe it is not supported by rhino because it requires rgb values to create overhanging geometry. standard mesh based 3d packed should have that. creating such a surface in rhino would imply a lot of handwork. or if you would settle with a non overhanging texture you can use displacement or heightfield with a heightmap.

whats that?

@RichardZ DCC - digital content creation :wink:

why would rhino not be in this category?

@RichardZ because Rhino is rather more production orientated? Max, Cinema and blender are typical DCC softs. Rhino is something between all as @Cyver said on other topic Rhino is ultimate solution :slight_smile:

That doesn’t mean that you can’t do digital content in it :slight_smile: I mostly do archviz in Rhino :stuck_out_tongue: