Creating a surface over a pipe frame

As a newbie I’m trying to create a surface over a pipe frame. As an example, here’s an image of a sprayhood.

How to create such a sprayhood in Rhino? I found it fairly simple to create a pipe frame and loft a surface between the pipes. However, the surface (canvas) should go over the pipes rather than between. I can’t figure out how to do that. Any ideas? Here’s what I got so far:

you could either use Silhouette on one of the views probably front view to create an outline of the pipes or ExtractIsocurve with direction U and with the resulting curves you recreate that surface.

if you need it more organically in case you need several conjunctions like on that picture above you may have to dig a bit into grasshopper and kangaroo or you create a surface and point edit it with the gumball and created the pipes aligned if you dont want to dig too deep.

there are sure many other ways, depends how precise you want it and what your intentions are.

here i used silhouette as explained above, to make it look more organically i rebuild the surface to degree 2 along U direction and set to 2 points also lowering the points in the other direction if there are too many… but the other direction leave the degree. then i selected the middle points and shrank it with the gumball. if you want it more precise you either have to udjust the surface accordingly or you create the pipes after the surface.

Thanks Richard, that’s very helpful. I wasn’t aware of Silhouette but it looks like a good solution.

OffsetSrf the pipe radius may be useful.

I do boat dodgers like this by Extract Isocurve from the frame bows where it looks like the canvas would be tangent to the pipe when taught. Then I loft from those curves to make the fabric panels. You can then do the same extract around the pipe frame surface and create the pocket for the cloth panel to sweep and join. I’ll dig up an example and post.