Creating a star


I don’t know if this is a bug or just an opportunity to improve ease of use. If I click on the polygon icon, change the number of sides I want, and then check the star box, I have to change the number of sides again. Would it be better if the number of sides was remembered when the star (or other) box is checked? I know that a solution is to click the star box first or hold down the polygon button and wait for the menu, but I frequently start off thinking that I want a polygon and then realize I’d rather have a star. It’s not big, but it’s something I keep stumbling across.


Sounds like a bug in MacRhino, it works as you want in Rhino for Windows…



That only happened to me the first time, after that Rhino seems to remember the last value for the number of sides/points, even when I change from polygon to star on the fly. And it remembers the last value also after a complete restart.



This seems to have been fixed in one of the recent updates.