Creating a solid of any shape

(Howard Rockey) #1

I am new to Rhino but have extensive experience with CAD software dating back to AutoCAD version 1.15. Frustration has lead me to posting this simple question here. I can create a solid from any shape but the moment radii are added to corners it just wont work. Is there a simple command where I can window the entity and make it solid.

(John Brock) #2

Probably not, no.

My best advice is for you to read through the User’s Guide to leverage you past modeling experience and see how it is done in Rhino.

You didn’t categorize your message, so I’ll assume Windows Rhino.

(Howard Rockey) #3

Thankyou for your prompt response. I found the “tool” to do the job. It’s under “Standard - Surface from 3 or 4 corner points - (right click) Surface from planar curves”

(Pascal Golay) #4

Hi Howard - this command will make a surface but not a solid - use ExtrudeSrf on the results from PlanarSrf to add some thickness and make it a solid.


(Howard Rockey) #5

The 3D printer prints it as a solid and that was the requirement. Thanks for your input.