Creating a skirt at the end of a tube

Hi Everyone

I have a quick question I was hoping I could find some help with on here. I am looking to create a skirt at the bottom of a tube. I’ve been playing around and can’t really come up with an efficient, good way to do this.

If anyone could provide some quick input that would be awesome.

I would be looking to create the skirt at the bottom of a similar tube as pasted below.

Instead of the skirt going straight sideways, I would like it to go downwards.


Hi Steve - Just a wild guess at what you want, but see the attached file…
SkirtMaybe.3dm (170.5 KB)


Pascal, Beginner here. How did you create the skirt?

When I tried using Gumball to scale the other end of the tube in your file it bulged to one side in the middle. Why?

The initial tube is made by revolving a curve 360 degrees. I am not sure about your Gumball question - what was selected, exactly, when you gumballed?


I think for this you can achieve was you want by setting on the points to modify, rather than pulling an edge.