Creating a SIMPLE human model from measured data

So, if you take a measurement of a person you use something like the following points:
Masstabelle.pdf (64.9 KB)
Can anybody give some suggestions how to create a simple human analogue in Rhino with that?
I mean just a simple figure with no details. Only the measurements which have been taken with a measuring stripe should be correctly integrated in the human form, thats all. Hit me on the head with a stick if I start with the most complicated things first.

This is a great question, wish I had a good answer.

I am aware of human body cad models, but you are looking for something that’s parametric, which would have to be built for Rhino or the the specific application that is being used. I did a quick search and it does not appear that anyone is offering a parametric human that can be used in a variety of cad applications.

Surely there would be a market for this?


MakeHuman has possibilities, but it does not look like anyone has done this yet, as its not a built in or existing function. Its parametric in the sense that surfaces can be changed/morphed, but checking the forums shows that several people have been looking for a solution that handles anthropometrics, and the suggestion has been to code it in Python.

How difficult is Python? I have no idea. I had a look at and I think it is too involved for me.

I’m not a coder, so I don’t know how involved it would be.

Coding aside, you could probably use an existing human model and scale the parts to match your statistics. I think this could be time consuming based on the number of models you need to generate.

Most modeling programs now handle a figure as one piece and use bones & morphs to control bending of joints. Its called rigging, and it can be pretty involved.