Creating a Revit Mass used to create a curtain system in Revit

Is there a way to use Rhino.Inside to create a mass in Revit that I can them apply a wall to using the “Curtain System” tool in Revit? I’ve tried direct shape methods and those don’t seem to work.

Hey @Andrew_Haney ,

This is a way to create a surface and apply a curtain system to it in Revit, if this is not what you are after maybe you can provide a sample of the mass you have in mind to help you better.

This is done by creating a generic family with the shown surface and then placing it in Revit and using the Revit UI to create the curtain system.

And probably there are other methods, but this is what I first tried.

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That did the trick! Thank you!

I’ve used that method plus one more for my very simple façade example. I’ll try it on a much more complex surface tomorrow. The second method is using paneling tools + a 4 point adaptive component to create a “curtain wall.”