Creating a Rectangle from Center-Z

Say you know where you’d like to place an opening in a wall, and you want to create a rectangle to use in cutting a Hole.

Would be great to be able to start at a given point at the base of the wall, and create a door hole – something like “Center” option in rectangle, but instead of growing in both directions of both X and Y, it grows only in the “Up” direction in the Y from that point.

It’s late. I’m tired. Does that make any sense at all?:smirk:

Does Rectangle > Vertical help? Place start corner, type in width and click direction to set, type height and click direction to set…

– Mitch

Thanks Mitch, had a feeling you’d be first to answer.

Actually, it’s specifically the ability to start at the center of the rectangle crv I’m looking for. Lets say I want to put the rectangle at the Midpoint of the base of the wall (using a 36" door example), I’d have to find 18" off the midpoint and start making my rect crv there.

Would be nice to be able to just start the crv at the snapped midpoint and then draw it as you’ve explained




are you eventually wanting to cut an opening in a solid wall?
if so, you can use Box (center) to do it in a way you describe… then BooleanDifference the box from the wall.

the box will extend below the base of the wall but it goes away once you Difference.

Thanks, Jeff. Yes i’d use Hole command to cut the solid wall in this instance.

I totally get that I can “fake” it using the Center option, and put in twice the height for the opening, but was just wondering if there was a more direct way to do what I was asking. Appreciate the reply tho!


Not necessary, the “center” option is the base rectangle center not the final box center.

For what you want you would be probably best served by a script, which could be more or less sophisticated - i.e. simply type in numbers, or dynamic preview, or attempt to detect correct plane for the hole, etc… Unfortunately no time right now to write anything…


Alrighty, looks like I’m off to learn scripting when time permits! The time was destined to come at some point - Pascal’s been suggesting it anyways.

Thx all, and will post when done