Creating a raycaster to visualize view

I’m trying to have a dynamic raycaster to visualize to the view based on a point and direction.

I have a floorplan that is a group of curves. Then I have a point, direction, and view angle. My thought was to have a collection of lines that i could use to intersect the floor plan and the cull them to the shortest lengths, but I cannot get that to work for 2 sets of intersecting objects. Does anyone have an idea for how to do with in grasshopper?

I have it working on 1 crv intersecting 1 crv

I also got it to work with multi crvs intersecting 1 crv, but i cannot get multi to multi

you mean like this?

depending on which intersect input you graft, you will get data sorted in different ways, probably the following is more useful:


to fully answer your question -hopefully- (18.2 KB)

you can end each ray as soon as it touches the very first line on its path by bypassing the reverse list component:

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This is it! Thanks. I’ll be studying this for a while.

I was able to take your file and work it into what I was looking for. I added a little vector object I can move and rotate around the model and quickly see the result. Here’s the result. :smiley: (16.1 KB)

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Use isovist ray (10.6 KB)