Creating a Questionnaire Using ShapeDriver


I am very new to grasshopper and ShapeDriver.
I do not know a programming language, so there very well could be a much easier way of creating my idea that I don’t know about.

Goal: Create a questionnaire on my website that prompts a potential customer to fill out the number of employees they have and the $ amount they are willing to spend each month for their office rental. (This is for a coworking space)

The model uses their input and solves to find the lowest $ amount while considering their preferences (for now just number of employees and budget).
I have attached my grasshopper file.
Note that I’m using Galapagos to solve for the lowest amount given the parameters (cost per type of office, number of employees that can occupy each office type).

Again, I feel like their is a much more simple route to take with this, so any direction would be appreciated. So my question is, how do I go about making an survey interface that can be integrated into my website from this math model?Coworking (41.7 KB)

We focus on technical issues related to ShapeDiver on this Forum and implementation details of your project are out of scope here, I’m affraid. However, our partners will be happy to help you, see the list below.

Also, Galapagos component is not allowed as the computation time can’t be predicted. See more details in the Documentation.