Creating a profile edge on a table top

I want to put a profile edge on a table top. The profile could be any curve of my making. What is the process?
I’m starting out with a rectangular box that is 60” long, 42” wide, and 1” thick (although, it could have rounded ends instead of square ends). It’s not clear to me what tools to use. I want to replace the square edge with a routed profile edge, like an ogee curve.

Hi Chris - something as outlined in the attached file -

TableEdge.3dm (102.1 KB)


So, to get this around all 4 sides do I just repeat the process on each side. And the corners will take care of themselves.

Yep- that is the idea anyway - to place the four sides, use Orient > Scale=1D, Copy=Yes. Boolean all at once.
TableEdge_2.3dm (160.1 KB)


Ok. Thanks.