Creating a pattern on a surface

I’m trying to create a lightly textured pattern on a translucent cube. if you look at the attached .png, you can see that one side of the cube has dots on it and the other side has parallel lines. The side with the parallel lines is just simple, straightforward curves on a pale grey layer, so they contrast a little with the surface around it. This worked well.

The side with the dots, however, looks like a series of white squares… almost like poka dots… because dots seem to show up as white squares. Is there any way to make them look like much smaller black dots? the size, for example, of a pixel? so the pattern is more subtle?

… to be seen in either rendered or shaded mode.

Thank you.

Hi Cosmas- you can try TestToggleRoundPoints and see if that looks any better- note the command is not sticky so if you like it, add it to your startup commands. Also, see the display mode in Options > View > Mode Name> Objects > Points for more settings, (but not roundness)


You can also make the points into a pointcloud (select them and use the pointcloud command), by default the points will be very small dots. You can also configure your display mode to display normal points this way (1 pixel size) if you really want.


perfect… you guys rock.