Creating a path with non planar moves for 3D printing

Hi, I am trying to create a path for 3D printing that can be used for a lamp or candle holder. I would like the printer to move in the Z direction based on a set of points (15 in my example). As the nozzle approaches one of these points, I would like it to be repelled up or down, and then in the following lines, slowly revert to straight lines. I thought of using the “Tween” function of the Pufferfish addon, but I think this can be done in a simpler way. I’ve created a cylindrical loft using two circles, and I’ve tried dividing each curve of my contours into 100 points, but I’m having problems moving the points in the direction I want. (13.1 KB)
Straight_pot4mm.3dm (93.8 KB)
Thanks for your help.

I just figured out that you can use “internalize data” to store the curves in the grasshopper file. DOH! Here’s just the one file instead of two. (13.0 KB)

quick question, if you program the 3D printer toolpath (that usually entirely lies on planes parallel to XY with step L) in such a way it has some variation on Z, whenever it moves in direction -Z isn’t the head going to compenetrate with the previously printed layers?
and when it’s going to move +Z isn’t it just going to extrude filament in air?