Creating a Non-Seamless-Material Help!

I’m trying to add material to this grid - like wall in the image I’ve attached. At the moment, I have lots of cubes together, but when I try and add material, the render makes all of the cubes seamless, and I honestly really like how it looks even in the shaded mode because it shows the cubes. So, I was wondering if anyone had any idea on how to add material to this so that you could actually see the grid?


if you are going to model them all as individual cubes, you might try using object properties > edge softening to get a bit of rounding or bevel on each cube

otherwise you could also create a square texture that treats the edges how you like, use object properties > texture mapping to apply a cubic projection, and apply a material that uses the texture (make sure the texture uses mapping → “mapping channel”)

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Thank you!!!