Creating a material in Flamingo nXt

Hi guys,

Wondering how to achieve this effect, I want to put a copper bottom to a yacht I am doing, see the photo.

I have got:

  • Photo of sheet of copper
  • Some dots to give impression of the nail head.

I made a new material, added the images as texture, and the dots as bump. I didn’t work so thoughts would be appreciated.

Thanks Mash

What displacement settings are you using to create the material?

I just did a quick one to test

I was just using the bump set to 5. Not using the displacement, should I?

On the curve surface I achieved this:

Thanks M

Well whether with displacement or just bump mapping it’s going to take a more complex bump map to approach the effect, as you can see all that black dots get you are small holes, you need gradients around them to create the effect of the panel being punched-in.

Here are the settings I used for my test one, I just used a displacement map because I usally do when i get a Black and White image like that. There is a way of doing it with bump i believe but i cant remember it offhand