Creating a master file for collection of smaller files

Hello, I need some help: I have a dozen to two dozen separate cutting files for each sheet I cut for my larger project. But I like to create a master file of the project to see all the sheets spread out together. I insert each file for each sheet as a block that is linked and reference only. But it takes a terribly long time to open the master file, like 5-10 minutes. I thought by having the files linked and referenced would help but it does not. Is there a better way to do this? I have the files set to update when prompted.

The file is very big almost 50MB.
All blocks are inserted as a linked reference vs active.
I do not need to see all the layers in each file, so do not want them active.
I do want the mast to update when I open.

Is it possible to turn off the visibility of some of the geometry, then enable as needed in the master file?

Maybe, but I need to see all the geometry in the master. I can’t even open the mast now…I am going to make a new master file and insert the sheets a different way.
I am looking at the geometry in individual files to get their file size down.

OK well made the new file and it is only 10mb. Simply by inserting blocks as active vs reference. Still linked though.

Hello - are you all set now, or still having problems?


I’m OK thanks.
I suppose I just would like to know in this case why it is better to insert the blocks as active layers rather than referenced layers. As far as making the file much smaller. Perhaps by starting fresh I eliminated something else that was causing the large file size.