Creating a Landform in Rhino


I need some guidance on creating a landform for my site. I have a few challenges: the trees on the site must remain at level 0, but there are parts of the building situated above this level that need to be integrated into the landscape. I’m finding it difficult to create a smooth landform that connects these higher parts of the building with level 0 while avoiding the trees. I’ve experimented with the “patch” command to generate the landform, but the results have not been as successful as I’d hoped. Could anyone suggest a better approach to achieve a smooth, flowing landform that bridges the level difference and accommodates the trees? After creating the landform, I plan to generate the contours. I’ve attached a sketch highlighting the specific parts of the building I’m referring to that are at a higher elevation.

Thank you in advance for your assistance!

design proposal version 2 (trimmed).3dm (2.7 MB)