Creating a hexagon spiral in grasshopper

(Maryam Naminimianji) #1

Hi There,

I have got a grasshopper script that creates Polygone Spirals (as seen below)

But now I would like to change the code to have spirals in the shape of a twisted hexagon (The hexagon geometry is in grasshopper file as well):

But I don’t know how can I create a single curve spiral in the form of my twisted hexagon. can anybody help me to sort that out, please?

I also used the Silkworm plugin, which creates closed hexagonal curves layer by layer. But it is not in the form of a single continuis hexagonal spiral curve.

I am looking for a single curve that spins around my hexagon geometry. Can anyone help me, please?

Here is my Grasshopper file: (107.8 KB)

(Seghier khaled) #2

you need find a way to create the curve around the shape before use twist

(Ethan Gross) #3

I took the liberty of recreating your brep because one of the lines was a actually a curve and it didn’t seem precisely symmetrical. Anyway, maybe something like this? (250.8 KB)

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(Maryam Naminimianji) #5

Thanks a lot for your response. That’s exactly what I was after.
I was wondering if I could have a slide bar to determine the distance between each loop.

I tried to do it using the Divide Distance function. but it does not work properly:

Could you help me to fix it, please?
Here is the grasshopper file

HaxagonalSpiral-Determining loop (30.9 KB)

(Ethan Gross) #6

What do you mean the “distance between each loop”? Do you mean the z distance? And will this value then be used to calculate the number of loops?

(Maryam Naminimianji) #7

Yes, I mean the Z distance between the loops.
The number of loops is not important as long as the curve goes around the whole hight of the hexagonal geometry.
But I guess if we can control the distance between each loop, then the number of them can be calculated as well.
If this answer your question,

(Ethan Gross) #8

The definition is designed to always end at the top, although because of the steepness of the short lines, it might not always look like it. I don’t know if you wanted the spiral to end on the same edge it began but you can always play with the divide curve slider to make it do so.

HexagonSpiralQuestion-loop (19.6 KB)