Creating a devil's postpile like structure in rhino

Hi Guys,

It’s my first time posting so apologies in advance if I make any mistakes here with etiquette.
I would like to model something that would resemble the Devil’s Postpile’s geometry. Ideally I would do this in grasshopper to save time but if there is a way to do it in rhino I am open to that. I have attached an Image reference for those of you unfamiliar with the organic geometry I am after.
Let me know your ideas! I am new to GH so the more info the better!

Thank you!

maybe this gives you a start for an approach, you’ll need to make some rules for length. In this simple example, I made the extrusions shorted when they are farther from the first curve. (19.7 KB)


When I was there I thought the curved ones were not nearly as nice as the straight ones. To me they looked sort of tired and old. Years later I made this:

If you like I can clean up the GH file and post it for you - it’s fairly simple and uses only native GH components.

Gijs, this is great! do you know if it is possible to do this with a Voronoi pattern instead of rectangles?

yes, you can use any curve for sweep1 as profile.

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