Creating a deformed oval dome

Hi, I always had troubles in closing domes and I am not sure if exist a technique out there to do this correctly.
As you can see from the images I have this tulip like shape which I would like to close with a dome in a veri specific form described by the orthogonal sections. I would use the network surface, but then I get a desification of isocurves in two of the quadrants which seems to me not the proper way to solve the shape.
Also once I have used this method I can not join the dome i created with the rest of the shape as I get a naked edge.

Not sure this is the way to add images, but I didn’t find the image icon described in the “Welcome to McNeel” post.
Thanks for your answers in advance }:=) Created this emoji for the event

I noticed I didn’t formulate any question explicitly so here I am:

  1. Which would be according to your opinion the best way to close this kind of openings while having control of the resulting shape?
  2. How do I avoid having naked edges in the process? (apart decreasing the tolerance level which already here was quite small)

you have to decrease the tolerance that unfortunately is the only solution with network. if it does not join you did not make it dense enough…

alternatively you can split the edge of the tulip with the green curve going across and using the 3 other curves plus a point at each edge to sweep2.

a different approach would be to place a point in the middle and use patch with the entire perimeter and that point as input geometry with history enabled. than you can lower or change the position of the middle point to get the shape you would like. if its not very crucial that the surface fits exactly through the curves that might be the better way also. you of course can also take all the curves as input geometry for patch, but it might get tricky getting a good result.

also posting your geometry is usually better, so that people can grab your example and experiment to give you a good solution.

I wonder if you duplicated the top edge curve, made a copy below it, and then a point for the tip, maybe a “loose” loft would do the job cleanly?

Like this:

Hi, sorry for the later answer, just today I found some time and just before trying your suggestions, i found that my upper curve was not following perfectly the shape at the base. I guess this is what happen when you do dozens of trials deleting and rebuilding elements.
However after adjusting this error I managed to get the closed shape. Your time has not been lost though, as I really cherish your answers and showed me other ways to achieve such a form. Thanks!
PS. yes I was thinking to upload the model, but as it is not totally mine I don’t think I have the right to share it online.