Creating a dandelion

Hi all, I have this project in architecture and I decided to make a simple dandelion in grasshopper. The thing is, I know very little about grasshopper. Would anyone help me with it.

Hi Alexandra,

You’re not telling us very much, are you? What have you done so far? Where are you stuck?

Then, why Grasshopper?

And, are you sufficiently proficient with Rhino to model this therein?



I agree with Jeremy. Also, why don’t you give credit to the designers or attach the link to the original post?


Hi Jeremy thanks for your quick reply.
I guess I haven’t explained it properly. Basically, I need to create any symmetrical object as a Uni project. As I like dandelion, I got inspired by the image I posted before. So I want to create something similar( I didn’t know I needed to credit it as I am only using as an inspiration). Anyway, I will send what I managed to do on my own. Just to clarify I am a beginning

learner .

small example (69.8 KB)

Hi Alexandra,

I would start by defining a strategy for making this. Maybe think of the way the structure from stem to tip is a series of branches. Create the grasshopper to model each of the pieces of just one such complete path, rather than try to do lots of them. Then look at how you can array the tips to create one complete set; then array the next higher branch, repeat that until you get back to the stem.


Thanks. It’s what I have in mind , just a matter of building it.

Thanks again. I’ll try to follow the steps that you have just mentioned.

This looks like exploded Truncated icosahedron (16.3 KB)

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Perfect, @seghierkhaled I was also working with Geodesic icosahedral polyhedron idea. But I still working, You completed it.

It’s simple idea but for the original shape with curved faces it need different way like Flow morph

Yes, Seghier. I’m still working on it to get close to the original shape. If I achieve it I’ll post the GH file.

You can use arc and rail revolution than flow

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Thanks everyone. Amazing advice